Country ranking by yearly inflation rate in 2024 is presented below in a form of a table and a diagram and the last column of the table shows the position change compared to the previous year rank.

Rank Country Rate, % As Of +/- Pos
1 Russia 3.21 May 0

At the moment not all data is published for all countries for 2024 so yearly inflation rate is calculated for each year only up to the specified month, inclusive. See previous year ranking for the complete comparison.

Detailed information about each country inflation rate in 2024 is available if you follow the link on the country name.

Countries Ranked by Inflation Rate, 2024

Advanced inflation comparison tool that allows comparison of the inflation rates for custom periods and between any countries is available on the Inflation Comparison page.

All charts on the website are configurable and can be hotlinked. For details see Inflation Charts Api page

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